"Sounded" in 1990 by Michel Orthier aka Mark Driesen, Breakout provides audio and video for radio and TV, internet & social media, as well as voice overs, jingles, promos, intros, sound effects and music beds for video games, multilingual corporate movies, dubbing, in store messages, museum audio tours, interactive voice response systems, audiobooks, e-learning, audio- or video tutorials, subtitling, logo animation, sound restoration, mastering, ADR Recording, copywriting, translation, directing, coaching…

You get it: audio or video, Breakout can handle it!

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Breakout4u Rupert Neve

From a basic idea to a fully branded radio or TV commercial, Breakout produces audio, graphic and motion design for your company’s unique products or services.

Based upon the client's needs Breakout takes care of voice casting (through our online casting database, containing hundreds of native voices in dozens of languages), sound effects and a perfect fitting music bed (from our extensive music library or custom produced).

We may not have the right musician, 3D expert, copywriter on our payroll, but, because Breakout surrounds itself with very talented freelance people with years of 'in the field' experience, we can guarantee the best results for every project.

Breakout also takes care of delivery, in any desired format, to the destination of choice.

The productions we do in our professional acoustical treated studio, can be heard and be seen, capturing audiences on the World Wide Web, and on radio- and television stations in Belgium and around the world.

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